Programming of complex processes and calculations

It often happens that an office or administrative employee has to perform a complicated task every day or every week. They might be working from several lists, aggregating them, finding unit prices, correcting errors. This is a lengthy task for one person, and the possibility of making mistakes is also encoded in it. Couldn’t this be left to a computer from start to finish?

We develop the program for you, which automatically performs the complex calculations. Several hours of administrative work at the push of a button

There are many areas where office workers regularly perform analytical and calculating tasks, and they have to do the same exercise day after day or week after week, only with different numbers. Some real-life examples:

Processes and calculations that worth automating

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Excel programming for the custom task

Every company is different, so your task is also specific. But there’s a good chance it fits into a scheme. You or your colleague have probably already done the given task in Excel. It is quite possible that you received the data from the integrated company management system or from another source (email or website), but then the analysis was prepared in Excel.

Very often, we can still solve the programming of the task in Excel. The option of the Visual Basic Macro has been available for decades, but in the last few years it has been rapidly replaced by the new technology, Power Query.

With this technology, large amounts of data can be processed relatively easily and quickly, so there is no need to buy new software, the programming can be done with the existing equipment park.

In addition to Excel, the Power Query program package is available to everyone, with which all data processing programming can be solved with modern technology - without buying new software

Steps for programming individual calculations

The first steps of the development work require the active involvement of you or your colleague. We have to go through the current method in order to “teach” this to the computer later – this will be the programming itself.

You can read the details of the custom development in the drop-down sections below.

This is a short discussion, where we get to know the framework of the task, the currently used methods and techniques. It is not a problem if there are other systems involved in the process besides Excel. The inputs and outputs of the process are identified, in other words, it is defined what will be considered as the core project and what is taken as the environment. The core project – usually where most of the working time is consumed – will be reviewed more closely.

In this step, we outline the possible techniques that we can use for you. In many cases, we can rely on the existing equipment and software park, so there is probably no need to make a new investment.

If the main direction is acceptable, we will describe in detail the project scope. To do this, we need to thoroughly discuss all incoming data and the steps currently being taken by the admin staff. The specification is prepared based on these. The actual development work will be carried out along this document, so what it contains will be included in the final program.

Based on the specification, we start work using the discussed techniques, be it Excel or another system. We will release the partially completed steps to you for testing. At these points, you can already see what the final solution will look like. During development, it is possible to deviate from the specification, but this should always be the subject of a joint discussion.

When a program that meets the specification in all respects has been completed, the development phase is closed. At this point there is still an opportunity for you to test whether the program really performs correctly all the functions that were agreed upon and described in the specification. Of course, we guarantee correct operation.

The goal is to let the computer carry out the complicated, time-consuming tasks instead of the human. Before and after the delegated tasks the procedure remains the same, no change is needed there

Completed works, Excel projects

Below you can view some of our reference works, many of them were executed in Excel. We hope that we can also meet with you in order to provide a unique solution for the effective administration in your company.

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