We help ensure that your company’s administration is smooth and fast, with as little human work as possible.

With 20 years experience we offer:

Effective administration: data management with programming

I started my professional career in 1999 in the field of Financial Controlling. From the very beginning I was interested in optimising the workload – in the positive sense of the word of course. The target was not purely work less: the emphasis was on making the task with as much computer support as possible, getting rid of the boring, repetitive parts..

An early memory of this era is of 4 computers in the Finance dep’t were running my programme parallel carrying out product costing to meet the deadline

During the decades I worked in Finance and Logistics, so I learnt not only the theoretic aspects of efficient procedures necessary for financial activities. In Logistics these are real life examples, where the situations are not always black or white. Logistics incorporate really complex material and information flows, where a great number of people are involved who come from different levels of education, background or culture – especially in a multinational environment.

Here I understood that the solutions you provide must be easily understandable and usable, preferably fool-proof.

Sometimes alone, sometimes in a team we improved the financial or logistics procedures in a number of companies I worked at. I was part of a 3 person strong team which created a complete shop floor system at a middle-sized multinational company with the help of a programming staff – I am really proud of this achievement.

As my true calling is the managing of computerised processes, we decided to make this available for the public.

We offer support for improving the administration flows, processes in your company in order to optimise human workload.

What we do:

What you will get with our tailor-made solution:

We are familiar with the following IT techniques:

Accomplished projects in Administration support

Beside the various solutions we created for the companies working at, these projects were delivered for external clients. Check out our latest works to have an initial idea what can be achieved by Excel automation and programming!

Our satisfied customers

Our company is completely satisfied with the service provided. We greatly appreciate their flexibility, precise work, the expertise, attitude and kindness of the consultants.
Berthold K.
Accurate, precise, reliable work and partnership, close cooperation for years comes characterises the company. The interests and requests of our company are kept in mind. We are happy to recommend Adminwell's services to others.
John B.
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