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Office or factory administration usually has some inherent disadvantages: they are often manual, repetitive, and are prone to human error. The solution is quite clear: entrust everything possible to the computer. The office team or factory administrator only has to deal with problems when they arise. Steps that can be automated are performed by the computer faster and without errors. With such a development, considerable office work time can be saved. Excel or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system programming? The solution is here!

Excel programming of custom tasks, establishing data connections between systems, reports from databases, automated creation of KPI boards - with 20 years of professional experience

An ERP system is probably already installed at your company at this point and is used for most daily tasks. But there is still a lot of paper-based documentation and homemade Excel files. It’s not very practical or convenient to constantly copy data from one place to another, is it?

We help make work more efficient with the help of the latest developments from Microsoft, such as Power Query or Power Apps.

Efficient administration, individual development, Excel programming

We are looking for a tailor-made solution to optimise the processes at your company. In many cases, repetitive manual tasks can be replaced by targeted programming, thus reducing the workload and the number of human errors.

If you already have an existing ERP system, but the data cannot be listed in the correct form, we prepare reports that meet individual needs.

Preparing weekly and monthly analyses, such as employee bonus calculations and inventory evaluations, is a difficult task, but it can be effectively programmed and automated

We can also create data request pages in a production or office environment that help with data recording in a targeted manner, with error handling

By using Microsoft Sharepoint, it is possible to regularly prepare and send out reports without human intervention

It often happens that if we have more than one (sub)system, the data in them is not synchronised. We can support the preservation of data consistency with unique solutions.

We help you visualise data: graphs, tables, indicators automatically updated from background data, you just need to click for details

We undertake the creation of Excel programs using either the classic Visual Basic (VBA) method or the much more modern and faster Power Query technique

With 20 years experience we offer:

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Our company is completely satisfied with the service provided. We greatly appreciate their flexibility, precise work, the expertise, attitude and kindness of the consultants.
Berthold K.
Accurate, precise, reliable work and partnership, close cooperation for years comes characterises the company. The interests and requests of our company are kept in mind. We are happy to recommend Adminwell's services to others.
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