Automatization of data flows within Excel

The associate spends hours accomplishing a simple task. Looks up, copies, corrects, erases and appends, extends, calculates and summarises. At the end a report, a list is created, but many times it is not obvious where the data came from and where to lead. The procedure is long, repetitive and prone with errors due to the several manual tasks.

Our company offers that it analyses the manual, administrative work at Your company and if possible, we create an automatized solution.

Most of the tasks and processes of this kind can be automatized, at least some steps of them. The released working time can be measured in hours even in the simplest cases. If the given procedure has to be repeated on a daily basis, then the amount of weekly saved working hours is considerable.

Some example from real life

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Corporate management system and the “satellites”

Most of the cases the company has an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which gives the main frame of the business procedures. Still it is literally unavoidable using supplementary Excel files or other subsystems beside the “main” one. These can cover HR tasks, general ledger accounting or stock management among others .

Automatization can be achieved with the existing software environment in most of the cases. Excel and Office is used virtually at every company, in many cases daily business tasks are carried out here. The new improvements of Excel provide a solid base for the establishment of automation to both directions: data can flow into Excel, or the contrary: Excel is able to fill data into the ERP.

Automatization means the following:

  • The basic input data on which the current procedure is relying remains the same
  • We create the algorithm of the manual, administrative work and make it work

The result of the process will be the same as before, only quicker and with no human errors, without any or with minimal human effort

Usually the following procedures can be effectively automatized

Not all tasks are suitable for entrusting the operation to the computer at short notice and at low cost. Typically, there are a few types of tasks that don’t need to move mountains for positive change:


Stable processes

Stable, unchanged for a longer period


Routine tasks

The associate carries out the work even with closed eyes


Few decision points

There are not too many decision points, even those follow exact rules


Standardised results

The outcome of the work is a list, a report or a chart

We offer free consultancy where we measure the task and give our initial opinion whether it can be carried out with the existing (software) tools and if so, what level of effort is needed for the improvement.

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