Automatic creation and sending of reports and analyses

As company managers, you often have to make decisions based on charts, reports, and graphs. You know that this data needs to be accurate and available quickly. You might guess that behind each analysis, even when a final result is just a few numbers, the employee has several hours of work. If you want to automate the preparation of the report, we are here to help.

The report or graph is prepared regularly, automatically, without human effort, directly to your phone or computer

The automatic connection between modern data flows and computer systems makes it possible to create visual information and graphs from the sheer mass of data with minimal or in many cases no human intervention.

Advantages of automatic reports

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Online, automatic reports directly on your phone or tablet

Previously considered a curiosity, today a wide range of software supports the creation of automatic reports. Microsoft is also at the forefront of artificial intelligence, so it is not surprising that reports, tables, and graphs can be created without human intervention.

Most multinational companies have everything they need to create such reports automatically:

  • Microsoft Excel or Sharepoint online service
  • Power BI service
  • Power Query online or installed on your computer

If you can find all or even just a part of them, then

without a separate subscription, it is possible to automatically create a report, KPI or graph from the source data directly to a phone, computer or tablet.

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KPI wall - Online dashboard - Scorecard - How do I call you?

In the course of business, we give the statements various names, but we mean roughly the same thing: translate the raw numbers into a visual form so that they can be easily – or at all – interpreted and a decision can be made from them. In the following, we can see some examples of KPIs and online graphs that we can generate automatically if the basic data is available.

Graphs, statements, scorecards

With the help of Power BI, the desired graphs are created automatically and regularly, one can freely look into the depths of the reasons

Dashboard, presentation of KPI wall - Power BI

Dynamic graphs - numbers in a modern guise

There is no need to browse printed papers or tables crowded with numbers anymore. We create dynamic, detailed graphs from your data, available on phones and tablets, which can even be updated automatically and regularly without human intervention.

With the video below, we present a small selection of the possibilities that Power BI technology provides for you. Take advantage of the opportunity, turn your data into valuable and easy-to-interpret statements!

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